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Our philosophy: technology

The recently acquired state of the art equipment we use, and the constant up-dating of our work methods, ensure that the products we offer are at the forefront of the market.
The actual production, from beginning to end, takes place in total safety. We pay meticulous attention to choosing the raw materials to use, constantly control their condition and then store them in the proper manner.
Our kitchen lab operates in full compliance with the health and safety regulations, with modern computerized equipment that regulates the cooking cycles and protects the food from contact with external environments.
Our specialty is vacuum technology, which we use both for the preparation of the food and for its cooking. This special technology prevents oxidation damage and helps the food maintain its colour, aroma and nutritional value.
The end product then undergoes a series of physical and chemical tests that ascertain acidity levels, sugar content and other nutritional values so that it conforms perfectly to the specifications requested, as well as meeting the approval of even the most severe palates.
The containers (jars, caps and seals) and the wrapping materials (boxes, baskets and packs) are also constantly under our vigilant control - to ensure that when the client receives them the product is the very essence of quality.



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