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Customized third party productionEULAB, also has many years of experience in preparing customized products for third parties. With our modern and efficient technology we perform the same magic on products of other farms in the area, to their specifications, as we do on our own.
You can take advantage of the consolidated experience our kitchen offers to safeguard the qualities of the fresh fruits and vegetables you have grown yourself.
Thanks to the meticulous care and innovative processes we adopt in our kitchen lab, all of the natural characteristics - the flavours, aromas and colours - of your very own produce can be conserved.
This helps you, as a farmer, and the other farms in the area, to integrate the genuineness of the fresh fruit and vegetables you have cultivated with other ingredients we can provide, thus enriching the variety of your personalised product line.
The EULAB kitchen laboratory uses both old (and time-tested) recipes, as well as new ones requested by you, the client. This allows us to personalise each recipe, so that the traditions and identity of each client can continue to thrive.
The packaging can be made to order, and the labels, of course, reflect your own personal flair.



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