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Kren Horseradish Sauce Kren Horseradish Sauce
Horseradish, also known as Kren, was officially introduced into the court recipes in Fontevivo (Province of Parma) in the late 1700’s, during the times of Maria Amalia, wife of Don Ferdinando di Borbone and daughter of Empress Maria Theresa of Austria. In ancient times this root was consumed in its raw state to fight rheumatic pain and “mental confusion”.
When to use it: Kren, or horseradish sauce, has a very strong flavour and as such is the perfect condiment for boiled meats, roast beef and grilled meats. It can be used to give your favourite legume or potato recipes a pleasant kick, but also goes very well with smoked fish and shellfish. Place a dot of it on the cold cuts platter, especially with smoked ham and seasoned dry sausages.



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