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Our philosophy: creativity

ColtieCotti products, being natural and full of freshness, are ideal for taking with you on excursions into the countryside, for family gatherings and even for formal dinners.
While we consider fine traditional ancient recipes as an important heritage which must be preserved, our kitchen lab is also constantly looking for new and original combinations of flavours that blend our needs for good nutrition with the wonder of new and gastronomically valid sensations. The word ‘indifference’ does not belong in our culinary vocabulary.
The marmalades and jams are full of healthy energy and ideal at breakfast, but they are also delicious accompanying platters of select seasoned cheeses and cold cuts. Our sauces and vegetable compotes enliven grilled meats and provide a healthy, flavourful dressing for pasta dishes.
Athletes, professional or weekend, will find that our products and their natural additives give them the energy and nutrition they need for their strenuous activities. ColtieCotti is even working on the creation of a special packaging line for sports teams.



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