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ColtieCotti, is the quality brand label of EULAB and came into being when the company decided it was time to give a new breath of fresh air to its product line and include a series of sweet (jams, compotes and marmalades) and savoury (sauces, condiments and pickled and oil-preserved goods) delicacies distinguished for their quality.
Our corporate philosophy is based on three principles: genuineness, creativity and technology.
Our raw materials are very carefully chosen from exclusively selected organic, and conventional, local farms. The freshly picked and harvested fruit and vegetables that go into our jars are immediately delivered to us to be transformed, in our kitchens, into a delightfully tasty product for our consumers.
This is the only way we know to maintain the flavourful harmony of the colours, aromas and tastes that characterise freshly-picked produce of any type.
Our jars contain only genuine and natural ingredients. We do not add preservatives, thickeners or artificial additives.
While we consider fine, popular and ancient recipes a heritage which must be preserved, our kitchen lab is also constantly on the outlook for new and original combinations of flavours that blend our needs for good nutrition with the wonder of new and gastronomically valid sensations. The word ‘indifference’ does not belong in our culinary vocabulary.
One of our great secrets lies in the equipment we employ for our delicacies. We use vacuum technology both in the cooking of our products and in their preparation. This ensures that there is no oxidation, and that the colours, aromas and nutritional content of the ingredients remain intact, or at least, lose as little as possible.
Our experience in transforming and preserving food is time-tested, and the results are always extraordinary.
We at EULAB dedicate meticulous care in preparing each and every lot, and we guarantee rigid, above-standard health control methods that usually exceed the normal quality protocol and regulations imposed by law.



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